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Admin - Emerheliena
Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:40 pm



“It’s been a nice and perfect day. A perfect morning made up of a lovely breakfast with my sister Jiajene and a totally entertaining morning chat on the phone with my best friend, Eve. Jiajene is my younger sister. Just two years younger to be exact, but sometimes she totally acts like she’s the older one. While Eve… I met her when I was just five years old. My very first time in school and we easily became friends. Ever since then we have been best of friends and more like sisters. We went to the same school, took the same classes and basically did everything together.

And just like any ordinary day, everything was done in its usual pattern… No changes, no complications… the usual routine… my exact definition of perfect.”


“Hi Ven! Hi Jiajene! Get in. We wouldn’t want to be late for our very first day in school…” Eve said with a bright smile on her face.

“Hi Eve… Hello Yunho. How was your trip to Germany?” I greeted and comfortably seated myself inside the car. (Yunho is Eve’s older brother… He’s a year older…)

Yunho smiled. “It was fun. And how was your vacation? Eve told me the two of you just spent your time working. You should have just spent your time relaxing or touring some nice scenic spot just like what I did. It is really quite relaxing and it somehow added new spice into my life. Now look at the two of you… you both look thin and quite haggard,” he said with concern.

“Oh, it’s okay. I just wanted to save enough money for additional or sudden expenses this school year. And besides I heard there will be a lot of school activities this year, I wouldn’t want to miss out on those things just because of money matters,” I said with a mischievous smile.

Yunho laughed. “So that’s the real motive. Well I guess you can always rest later,” he then shook his head and started the car.

“Hey, Yunho… where’s my gift? Don’t tell me you forgot?” Jiajene asked teasingly.

Again Yunho couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh don’t worry. I didn’t forget. Eve, can you please give them the small plastic bags in the compartment.”

Eve quickly took out the gifts Yunho bought and gave them to Jiajene and me.

“Thanks… Perfume… You’re really sweet,” Jiajene said happily.

I took out the small box in the plastic bag I was holding and just like Jiajene’s gift, it was also a bottle of a famous perfume. I somehow felt guilty receiving his gift. I knew the perfumes he gave us were both quite expensive. “Yunho, you shouldn’t have bought us such expensive gifts,” I voiced out.

“It’s okay. You know I love you guys like my sister. So whatever I buy for her, I buy for you guys as well,” he replied casually.

I sighed. He was really a very nice guy. Eve was very lucky to have a brother like him. He was handsome, smart, and totally caring. Most of the girls in school had a crush on him since he was one of the most well-praised and awarded student in school. He was a perfect catch…

There were times that Jiajene would make a joke on me and say that I should start dating Yunho so I could officially end up as Eve’s sister-in-law and so that we could really be like sisters in real life. Somehow I had thought about the idea, just because of Jiajene’s jokes. But I couldn’t really picture myself as being in love with Yunho.

Yes, he was the perfect guy for any girl. But somehow my heart was searching for somebody else. His qualities weren’t that really appealing to me. Yunho was just like a brother to me, nothing more and nothing less. And having him as a boyfriend was against one of my principles in life, which was not to get romantically entangled with any of my friends’ relatives. I somehow find this very unacceptable. I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with my friends just because of love matters. For me, friends were more important than love.

It only took about twenty minutes before we all reached our school. And as soon as the car stopped, Eve immediately stepped out and basically dragged me out as well.

“Come on, Ven… Let’s hurry. I want to be the first one to meet our new classmate. I heard we have a new transfer student. I hope he’s cute,” Eve said as she giggled and tried to arrange her hair. “Do I look okay?” she suddenly asked.

I laughed a little. “Yes, totally cute like always,” I replied.

“Yunho, we’re going okay. See you at lunch time brother,” Eve said cheerfully.

“Bye, and have a nice day as well,” Yunho uttered as he also hurriedly stepped out of the car and waved goodbye.

“Hey, where’s Jiajene?” I suddenly noticed my sister was already gone.

“There,” Eve uttered as she pointed to my sister already walking away with her friends.

“Bad girl! She didn’t even say goodbye and she didn’t thank you guys for the ride. Sorry about my sister,” I apologized to Eve.

Eve laughed. “It’s all right. I am already used to your sister. She’s like my little sister too. So don’t worry. Come on, let’s get going.”


“What do you think our new classmate looks like?” Eve asked me as we sat near the window.

“Normal,” I replied jokingly.

“Oh come on… Don’t be like that. I heard he’s cute and totally to die for. I also heard he has a sister… They are both transferring here because their parents were transferred here by their company,” Eve continued to fill me in on our new classmate’s details.

“How come you already know so much about him?” I asked teasingly.

Eve smiled. “Well, both their parents are also working in the same company as my father so I know… All the details are straight from my father,” she answered proudly.

I laughed. “Quite a nice source of information.”

“Oh, I am so excited. I hope he’s really handsome. So we can at least have some kind of source of inspiration in our class,” Eve said as her imagination somehow started to fly her off into dreamland.


After fifteen minutes, their teacher finally entered the room right behind her.

“Class… I want you to welcome your new classmate… Junsu,” their teacher announced with a wide smile on her face.

“Hello… nice to meet all of you, I’m Kim Junsu. I hope we can all be good friends,” he uttered with the most charming smile that instantly made all the girls in the classroom gasp in total awe.

Boom! My heart just left and went straight to the guy standing right in front of me.

Credits to chechoki @ Tohosomnia for the banner/siggie & avatar

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:06 pm


I want to read more~ more~ more~
hmmm... you're not thinking of matching Eve and Junsu right? are you? Ate Emer? XD

I want to read more~~

thank you Ate Emer for granting my request~ ^^
arrr~ how can I hug you from here?!?

update soon~

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

Follow me on twitter:@ve8n9us

Credits to: Onetvxq forum for my siggy... and to OumBoJae for (i_am_cassiopeia)
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Admin - Emerheliena
Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:50 pm


“Okay Junsu, you can take the seat next to Venus. She’s one of the top students here in the class. So I know she will be able to help you out so you can familiarize yourself with everything here,” the teacher said.

All the girls in the class instantly felt envious of Venus. They were all thinking that she was so lucky to actually sit next to the most handsome guy in school.

Ven, on the other hand, was shocked. She never expected her ordinary day would be filled with so much excitement.

“HI! I’m Junsu… You’re Venus right?” he asked with the most charming smile that could easily send a million girls floating in the air.

Eve who was sitting on the left side of Ven, quickly nudged her friend. “Hey Ven! He’s talking to you… Uhmmm… maybe you would like to answer or something.”

Ven quickly shook his head as if to wake herself up. “Oh… sorry I was thinking about something,” she apologized.

“Oh yeah right!” Eve uttered with a mischievous smile.

“Hi! I’m Junsu… Nice to meet you. I hope you won’t get tired of me,” he said sweetly.

Ven tried to smile back even though her pulse was already racing so fast. She was thinking that any minute now she would probably faint or unconsciously nosebleed.

“Hi… I’m Eve. I’m Ven’s bestfriend,” Eve suddenly interrupted. She just decided to make herself known.

“Hello Eve. Nice to meet you too,” Junsu replied with a smile.

“So would you like to join us for lunch?” Eve quickly asked.

He nodded instantly. “Sure that would be great,” he answered.

Venus who was sitting in between Eve and Junsu was still in shock. All she could do was look at the two as they continued chatting with each other as if she wasn’t there.

Lunch time…

Ven still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Everyone’s eyes were on them the moment they entered the canteen. Somehow she suddenly wanted to melt or just run away.

“Hey Ven, you’ve been awfully quiet. For God’s sake girl… speak,” Eve said jokingly.

Ven stared at her friend. She then sighed heavily. She was too different from her. She was too shy compared with her friend.

“Are you all right?” Junsu asked as he lightly touched Ven’s shoulder as a friendly gesture and to show his concern.

Electricity quickly shot through Ven’s entire body. She wanted to instantly freak out. She had never felt something like that before. But again she tried to act like nothing was wrong. She knew if she reacted, she would be attracting more attention. And it was the least thing that she wanted.

“I... I’m okay. Just thinking about something,” she uttered. Then she remembered it was the same thing she had said before.

Eve suddenly burst into a laugh. “Oh Ven, you’re so cute!”

Junsu also laughed lightly, which in turn, made Ven blush in embarrassment.

Minutes passed and all three of them were already sitting together in a table.

“So what do you guys do after school?” Junsu asked curiously.

“Oh we just go straight to our homes. My brother won’t let us hang out on school days, if that’s what you’re asking. But he does allow us to go out provided that he’s also with us, and only on weekends,” Eve answered.

Junsu nodded his head. “I see. Is that the same with Ven?” he asked as he gave Ven a quick glance.

“Yes,” Ven replied shyly.

“So you have a brother Eve?” Junsu asked again as if suddenly trying to shift the conversation into another direction. He had already noticed that Ven was feeling awkward whenever the conversation was about her.

“Yes, he’s a year older than us,” Eve answered quickly. “And speaking of my brother, here he comes.”

Junsu and Ven quickly looked at the direction where Eve was looking at.

“Hi girls,” Yunho greeted cheerfully. His attention was then drawn to Junsu.

“Hello brother, he’s our new classmate. He’s Junsu,” Eve introduced their new friend.

“Oh, so you’re the new guy everyone’s talking about,” Yunho uttered as he sat down beside his sister.

“Hello, just call me Junsu,” he said with his usual cheerfulness.

Yunho smiled back. “I hope you will like it here. If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to come to me.”

The other boy nodded. “I am quite happy to have met you guys. You are all so nice.”

Eve laughed. “Nice? Us? You’ve only met us so don’t go concluding just yet,” she uttered as if hinting something.

Yunho shook his head as a sign of disapproval of what his sister just said. “Eve behave,” he suddenly warned.

“Oh brother, I was just kidding,” Eve said with a laugh.

“So do you guys know any particular place that I can hang out? A nice bar, restaurant or something like that?” Junsu asked curiously.

Unexpectedly, someone appeared and lightly slapped the back of Junsu’s head.

Everyone was surprised at what they saw.

“You just got here and you’re already thinking of hanging out? That’s the main reason why Mother and Father can’t leave you alone in a new school. What a life! I always end up being dragged to whatever school you are being dropped into. I think I am doomed to be your babysitter forever,” the unexpected person said out loud.

Junsu turned around to look at the person talking and quickly smiled. Then he stood up and immediately embraced the woman from behind. “Oh, don’t be angry Erin. I was just joking.”

All the girls in the canteen including Ven and Eve were shocked and dismayed. So their new dream boy already had someone. All their hopes and dreams of having him quickly vanished into thin air. The girl standing in front of them was very pretty and had the same eye-catching qualities that Junsu had. Somehow they were the perfect pair.

“Hello! I’m Erin… I’m Junsu’s sister,” the girl quickly introduced herself to Eve, Ven and Yunho.

“Sister?” Eve asked as her eyes instantly lit up with happiness.

All the girls who heard what Erin said also sighed in great relief. Xiah was still available, they were all thinking…

“Hey Erin, I was just joking okay. So don’t go around telling Mother and Father about what you heard. I wouldn’t want another lecture again. I think my ears bled after the last time they gave me their record breaking sermon,” Junsu said as if trying to sweet talk his sister.

Erin laughed. “Fine, just let go of me already.”

Junsu quickly released his sister from his embrace. “Have you eaten? Why don’t you join us? The table is big enough for all of us.”

“Can I join you?” Erin asked while directly looking at Eve and Ven.

“Sure, by the way… I’m Venus. But you can just call me Ven.”

“Oh, finally her voice returns,” Eve jokingly commented.

“I’m Eve.”

“Hello, I’m Yunho.”

Erin sat down and smiled at the girls. “Please pardon my brother okay. He’s really a very naughty boy.”

“Hey, I’m not,” Junsu protested.

The two younger girls couldn’t help but giggle.

“Oh it’s okay… actually I’m sort of like him. I like fooling around and teasing my brother,” Eve said.

“Brother?” Erin asked curiously.

“Yes… I’m her brother,” Yunho added.

Erin quickly focused her attention on Yunho. “Hey, wait a minute. We’re classmates right? Sorry I didn’t recognize you much earlier. I have a very bad memory sometimes.”

Yunho just nodded his head. “It’s all right.”

“The two of you are classmates too? Isn’t that great?” Eve said out loud.

While Eve continued talking, Venus couldn’t help but feel small. She had totally lost her will to talk. And was just now watching and listening to everything that was happening around her.

“Are you all right Ven?” Yunho asked with concern in his eyes. “You have been very quiet ever since I got here.”

“She’s been like that since this morning,” Eve said to her brother.

“Really? Are you feeling sick? We can go to the clinic if you want,” Yunho said to Ven.

Venus managed to smile. She was deeply touched with Yunho’s kindness and sweetness. “I’m okay. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I just don’t feel like talking today… that’s all,” she lied.

“Oh… where’s Jiajene by the way?” Yunho asked as he suddenly started to look around.

“You know her… she must be with her friends again. We all know she likes eating with her own friends,” Eve said.

“Yes, Eve’s right,” Venus added.

“So you have a sister Venus? That’s wonderful. I always wanted to have a sister. But I ended up getting a totally annoying brother instead,” Erin said with the same cheerfulness and aura that Junsu had.

“Ouch! That hurts. I’m not annoying. I’m handsome, sweet, talented and loving but definitely not annoying,” Junsu tried to defend himself.

Erin laughed. “Fine… fine….”

“By the way Erin, Venus is my going to be my personal school buddy,” Xiah said with a wide smile on his face.

“Huh? Personal school buddy?” Erin asked as if confused.

“Yes, she’s supposed to help me get familiarized with school and other activities here,” Junsu tried to explain.

Erin nodded her head and gave Venus a very warm smile. “Oh now I understand. Venus, I hope that you will be very patient with my brother. He can be quite a troublemaker and a very big headache sometimes.”

“Hey sis… stop ruining my reputation okay,” Junsu uttered.

“Oh don’t worry about it,” was the only words that came out of Ven’s mouth.

“Thanks… and please do take good care of my brother,” Erin said that quickly made Ven’s heart skip a beat.

“Take care?” Venus suddenly repeated the words in her mind. And as she continued to silently stare at Junsu, she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what she was getting herself into.

Credits to chechoki @ Tohosomnia for the banner/siggie & avatar

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:07 pm

woahhhhh! nice touch!! I want to read more!! thanks for your hardwork,emer! XD
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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:03 pm

I am so hanging in there!!
I want more~ XD

I knew it! I shouldn't have read it at the office~
I was trying hard not to giggle at our room, coz' my office-mate will see it >,< I'm so into it, I can really imagine myself there LOL XD

I wish I could bring back my high school days~

Thank you Ate Emer for the update ^_^
Love it~

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

Follow me on twitter:@ve8n9us

Credits to: Onetvxq forum for my siggy... and to OumBoJae for (i_am_cassiopeia)
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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:16 pm

uwah...this fanfic was awesome..
yeah..i wanna read more..
hmmm...i wondering if the other members will show up after this..
haha..yunho..he is so perfect as a brother..
i wanna have brother like him too..
ah~~~ *already in my dreamland..*

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:36 pm

haha same like p-ya..wondering about the other will come to...and how the will be introduced..
oh i am sure ven is being a happy girl right now ^_^ haha
well i love the fanfic all ready...you can write great stories emer ^_^

Credits To Milo
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Admin - Emerheliena
Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:38 pm


“Hey Ven! Wake up!” Jiajene shouted at the top of her lungs. She was trying to annoy her sister like the way she always does… everyday.

Tired and still sleepy, Venus just opened her eyes for a few seconds to see if her sister was really in her room before finally closing them again and changing her position on her bed. “Go away! No classes today remember? I need some sleep…”

Jiajene laughed and quickly jumped on her sister’s bed. “Hey Ven, come on wake up please…. I want to go to the mall today. But Mother said I can’t go not unless you go with me,” she sweetly said to Ven as she somehow looked at her with pleading eyes.

Venus quickly opened her eyes to look at her sister. “So that’s why you’re being nice huh? You need me to babysit you?”

Jiajene smiled and then nodded continuously. “My friends and I need to go and buy something. Maybe you can just tag along and when we’re already at the mall we can go our separate strolls and just meet up again on a specific time. What do you think?” she asked with a certain twinkle in her eyes.

“You’re friend? Or is it another boy you’re going out with?” Ven asked suspiciously.

Jiajene immediately blushed and grinned mischievously. “You caught me again… Yes, it’s a new boy. We’re going out… So can you help me? Please…” she begged this time in a more convincing manner.

Ven couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Even though her sister was a total brat at times, she still loved her to the point that she always ended up covering for her.

“Ven, please… this is really, really important,” Jiajene added.

“Important? Like all the dates you go to? They are all important right?” Ven teased. Somehow she wanted to make her sister beg longer before she was going to agree. Yes, she knew she was being naughty but she loved the feeling of seeing her sister sweet and nice even for a short while.

“Ven… Come on… Pretty please! It’s already 9 in the morning. We’re supposed to meet at 10. Just do this for me, and I promise I will try to be nice to you for a whole month,” Jiajene said with a wicked smile.

Ven laughed again. “Only one month? How about a year?”

“You’re taking advantage! 3 months,” Jiajene replied with a pout.

“6 months,” Ven said in return with a serious look on her face. She then started to arrange her pillow again as if she was going back to bed.

Jiajene sighed. “Fine… 6 months. I will be totally nice to you. No smart remarks, no annoying jokes, no pestering … whatsoever. Happy?”

Ven quickly got up and smiled widely at her sister. “Yes, totally happy. What are we waiting for? We’re going shopping right?” she asked with a wink.


An hour later…

Ven sighed. She was all alone at the mall. Jiajene and her date went on their own stroll. They were supposed to meet at around 4pm. Again she sighed. It was only passed 10 in the morning. What in the world was she supposed to do from 10 until 5 in the afternoon. An unbelievable 7 hours of waiting…

“Aaaahhh..” she uttered in total frustration. She didn’t really like going out not unless Eve was with her. “Oh Eve,” she suddenly remembered. She quickly took out her phone and started to dial her friend’s number.

“Sorry Ven, Eve went out with Yunho to buy something,” Eve’s mother said with a very sweet voice.


Minutes later….

Sigh. Venus walked without any specific direction. She was strolling the mall all alone. “Where did Eve go?” she started to ask herself.

Without any choice at all, she started to go from one shop into another… She was feeling totally bored and wasn’t enjoying her so-called shopping. After an hour of window shopping, she already wanted to cry because of boredom and regret. She shouldn’t have agreed to her sister’s request.

But then she suddenly remembered what she and Jiajene agreed upon. “6 months of peace,” she unexpectedly uttered with a smile. “Maybe it’s not so bad after all,” she said out loud that caught the attention of some people passing by.

Embarrassed, Ven quickly walked away. She was walking so fast that she didn’t see where she was going.

“Aaaahhh…” she uttered after she fell down on the floor. Someone had accidentally bumped her… or was it her that bumped into the other person. Whatever the real situation was… she was mad… The unlucky person was certainly going to regret bumping into her.

Venus angrily looked up and was surprised to see who was standing in front of her. The anger she had was instantly replaced with embarrassment. Somehow she wanted to run and hide. Just thinking of her very awkward position on the floor was also enough to make her melt right on the spot.

Junsu smiled sweetly. “Sorry, are you hurt? Here let me help you…” he said as he gently helped her to stand up. He then quickly gathered all the things that she had dropped.

“Uhmm… Sorry,” Venus said with a low voice. Somehow her legs were trembling. She was suddenly scared that she was going to make more embarrassing moments for herself, if she stayed longer with Junsu. “I am really sorry for bumping into you. I wasn’t looking.”

Again the angelic smile of the man in front of her appeared. “I should be the one apologizing. I wasn’t looking as well.”

“I need to get away….” was the only thing replaying in Ven’s mind.

“Are you alone?” Junsu asked.

It was then Ven realized that she was indeed alone. “My God!” she exclaimed in her mind.

“Are you alone?” he repeated.

“Aaahh, no. I have my sister with me. She just went somewhere to buy something,” she lied.

“Oh I see. I thought you were alone,” he said with a disappointed look on his face.

“Yes, I am not alone… Jiajene will be back soon. So you don’t need to worry about me. You can just go on with your stroll or shopping…” Ven said nervously.

“I see. Well maybe I can stay with you until she comes back. It’s quite lonely being all alone in the mall,” he said sweetly.

“No, you don’t have to do that. She will be here…” Ven lied again. “What am I supposed to do now?” she started to ask herself.

And out of the blue…. Someone unexpected appeared……

“Ven!” Jiajene called out.

Venus immediately turned around to see her sister walking up to her. Somehow she wanted to just hug her sister for saving her at the right time.

“Hey Ven, I can’t meet you up at 5 okay. Better move that to 6. Jes and I will watch a movie first then go strolling later. So we need more time. So just find something to do until then okay?” she immediately said out loud the moment she was in front of her.

Ven felt like someone poured cold water on her. “Jiajene!!! I am going to fry you!” she was screaming inside her head.

It was then Jiajene noticed Junsu. “Huh? Who are you?” she asked innocently.

“Oh I am her new classmate,” Junsu answered.

“I see. Well maybe you can stay with my sister. She will be alone until 6,” Jiajene said with a mischievous laugh.

“Jiajene,” Ven managed to utter. She then placed her arm around her sister’s shoulders and whispered in her ear. “You better hide after this… because I assure you I am going to make you cry… big time.”

Jiajene laughed again as if she was teasing her sister more. “Bye guys, have fun,” she uttered while she waved goodbye.

Only a few minutes passed and Jiajene was gone again.

“Well… I can’t leave you all alone for so many hours. Where do we go now?” Junsu asked with a wide grin on his face.

“WAAAHHH!!! Somebody help me!” Ven wanted to cry out.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:01 pm

i love the update...ooh now the are alone...because her sister is havinga date with..."jes?" haha anyway a date haha
Great work emer on this on !! wohoo! I think ven shall be super happy with this update!!

Credits To Milo
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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:05 pm

wah...great great great!!
i love it..lol..
hahaha...what will happen next??
ah~~ i'm so curious..haha..

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:21 pm

Sorry, I'm just starting to read fanfics today, I'm supposed to do this yesterday, but something unexpected happen. T-T my mom, made me so exhausted, so after eating dinner I fell asleep on my seat, head resting on the table.

Anyway, I want to read more~~ update soon okay?!?
XD I love this update~~
I wonder what will happen next~~~
wait... why in the world is Junsu doing at the mall all alone, when he is saying he is bored being alone?!? lol! XD

whatever the case, I'm glad he's alone XD wahahahaha!!!
PLease reply soon Ate Emer~
I'm heading CF now to read the other updates ^_^
Thank you for the wonderful update :D

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:18 pm

my comment is 부럽습니다.....ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...
by the way ur fic is way too good unnie...
every time i read ur story the whole story pictured in my mind...
seems like i hv a good imagination isnt it? hehehe...
anyway, chapter 4 plz......

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Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sun May 02, 2010 3:51 am


“So where are we going?” Junsu asked with a sweet smile on his lips.

Ven who was busy of thinking ways how to get rid of Junsu suddenly focused her attention on the guy who was looking at her with a heart-melting smile on his lips.

Somehow her heart started racing again. She suddenly remembered her sister again. She really wanted to strangle her sister’s neck right at that moment. If Jiajene hadn’t come along and spilled her real situation to Junsu, she would have easily lied and gotten away from the guy.

Sigh… There was nothing else to do but bear with the current situation, she thought.

“Uhmmm, I really don’t have any idea,” she suddenly answered with a low voice.

“Aahh, I have an idea,” Junsu quickly said with a very happy mood.

“What?” Ven asked with a curious look on her face.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Junsu suggested.

“A movie?” the words kept on echoing in Ven’s mind as if it was a nightmare. How on earth should she react now, she was asking herself.

“Come on, there’s a really great movie showing now. But somehow I just couldn’t watch it alone since I really don’t like watching a movie alone,” Junsu said as she quickly took Ven’s hand and literally dragged her to the cinema area.

Everything happened quite fast for Ven. Junsu decided everything on his own and Ven just followed without any protest. She was already sitting and staring blankly at the wide screen infront of her when she finally came to her senses.

She was in a cinema, with a boy she hardly knew. “What on earth was she thinking?” she was screaming inside her head after she finally realized what was happening. She shyly looked at Junsu and tried to act calmly.

He was very serious and was focused on the movie that he didn’t even notice that she was looking at him. She looked more closely at him. Somehow she was taking advantage of staring at him up close. “He has such seductive lips,” the thought suddenly entered her mind.

Embarrassed, she quickly turned and she couldn’t stop herself from turning red. “What am I thinking?” she again asked herself. She needed to wake herself up or else she would be placing herself in a very embarrassing situation, she thought.

“Are you okay?” a voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

Ven stared at the guy beside her and just nodded. “I was just thinking of something,” she replied.

Junsu lightly laughed. “Why is it that you’re always thinking of something? Is it just me or are you really too concerned about a lot of things?” he asked jokingly.

Ven pretended to laugh as well. “Gosh! Even your laugh is addicting. I should really stay away from you… You’re driving me mad,” she thought.

“Don’t you like the movie?” Junsu asked again.

“Oh.. no! Oh I mean I like it,” she was starting to get confused on how to answer.

“I thought you didn’t like the movie. We can change to another movie, if you want…” he said with concern in his voice.

“Oh don’t worry about me. The movie is fine with me,” she said as she tried to act like everything was fine.

Junsu gave Ven a quick glance and somehow wanted to say something but just stopped and looked at the movie again. “After this, let’s do something you want to do, okay?” he suddenly said that made Ven feel more nervous.

The movie somehow finished quite fast than expected or maybe it was just because Ven’s mind was constantly flying in different directions that she didn’t really notice the time.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” Junsu asked Ven as they were already sitting in a restaurant.

“Aahh, yes,” she replied quickly. “It was nice. I really love the drama.”

Junsu looked at Ven, as if confused. “Drama?” he asked .

“Yes, I really the story and the way it developed. The drama in the story is nice,” Ven said while trying to act like she knew what she was talking about.

Junsu smiled, Somehow there was a hidden meaning to his smile.

“Why? Why are you smiling like that?” Ven curiously asked.

Junsu couldn’t get the smile off his face. “Nothing. You’re really funny. Do you know that?”

“Huh? Funny? Me? How come?” Ven continuously asked.

“Nothing,” Junsu said again as he tried to hide his laughter.

“Hey, what’s funny?” Ven asked again while her temper was somehow rising. She didn’t like it when people laugh at her with no apparent reason.

Junsu quickly sensed Ven’s changing mood. “Hey, don’t be mad okay…. I just couldn’t help but laugh because …” somehow he couldn’t continue what he wanted to say.

“Because?” Ven asked again.

Junsu smiled again. “Nothing. I am just being silly I guess. Sorry, if I offended you,” he uttered as he then sipped his drink again.

Ven was about to say something when Jiajened appeared out of nowhere. She happily sat down beside her sister. “How are you guys? Having fun?” she asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Jiajene,” Ven uttered as if warning her sister to stop talking already.

“Oh we just finished watching a movie,” Junsu replied.

“A movie? Really now? My sister went to a movie with you? Alone? Now that’s new!” Jiajene remarked with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Junsu asked curiously.

“Well she doesn’t go out with a guy. Come to think of it, I think you’re the first guy she ever went to a movie with… Usually she just goes to a movie with Eve or Eve and Yunho… You’re lucky. You had the chance to accompany my sister,” Jiajene said as she started to laugh.

Ven felt like her face was turning red with embarrassment. “Jiajene, stop it. I thought you’re going to play nice? Remember our agreement? Six months?”

Jiajene stared at her sister and suddenly remembered her agreement with her. “Oh, I forgot. Oooppss.. sorry. Anyway what movie did you guys watch?” she somehow wanted to change the topic.

Junsu said the title of the movie. And Jiajene quickly nodded her head. “Yes, that’s a nice movie. I really laughed so hard while watching it. I watched it last week with my friends. And all of us were like dying of laughing because of that movie. It’s hilarious.”

“WHAT?” the question suddenly echoed in Ven’s mind. “The movie was hilarious?” she asked herself. She then tried to think … but she really couldn’t remember even a portion of the movie that they watched.

“So Ven did you like it?” Jiajene asked her sister.

Ven felt like she wanted to hide under the table and just stay there forever. She finally realized the real reason why Junsu was smiling like crazy and was trying to control himself from laughing. The movie they watched was a comedy.

“Oh god! What did I say?” she then asked herself.

Boom…. She quickly remembered her exact words.

“Yes, I really the story and the way it developed. The drama in the story is nice.”

Ven wanted to scream. She made a total fool of herself again. Why on earth was she always making a fool of herself whenever he was around?

“Ven, hey…. Calling earth to Ven,” Jiajene said jokingly as if to draw her attention.

“Oh, it was nice,” Ven managed to utter.

“Nice? Really that’s a first. You know Junsu, you must really be lucky. My sister seldom likes a movie especially a comedy… Oh there’s my date… We just finished having a snack when I saw you guys and decided to say hello. Well I need to go. Have fun! You guys still have a few hours. So enjoy,” Jiajene said as she tapped her sister’s shoulder with a grin on her face. “Bye Ven. Have a nice date.”

“DATE?” the word was stuck in Ven’s mind. She had never gone on a date before. Was this a date? Can this be considered a date? She kept on asking herself.

And just when she thought everything was turning quite bad, something had to happen that would make things worse.

“Venus… Junsu? You guys are on a date?”

A group of girls from their class were now standing in front of them with shock and disbelief on their faces.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sun May 02, 2010 5:27 pm

<< reaction from the last sentence.

Thank you Ate Emer for updating!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!! so much!!!\
you have no idea how much I laughed while reading this XD

Please update soon, please? pretty please?!?

btw, somehow, I'm so amazed on how Ven's character almost alike to mine.
not exactly, but most of what you have written, so far. My reaction towards guys are the same. In high school, I can't even look into the eye. >,<
the only thing differ is that I can watch movies with interuptions, except too much noise from my mom's mouth XD wahahaha

Thanks again for updating!!!
I totally love it~~~
really! please, update very soon~~ i'm begging you~~~!

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:42 pm

I miss reading your fanfics Ate Emer >,<
Please update~~

Darn it, I thought I would be able to go online a lot this June, a huge change came. Me and my family are going out of town =.='

And the bad thing is... I haven't done any of my contest entry yet I'm so doomed!

I'll do my best!

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:12 am


The next day, the news about Junsu and Ven spread around the campus like wildfire. And within just a couple of hours, Ven was already placed on top of more than two-thirds of the girl’s population hate list and she even manage to pick up some stalkers and followers along the way.

“This is really crazy,” Ven uttered with a deep sigh. “What did I do to deserve this?” she then let out a deep sigh again.

Eve giggled. “Maybe because you just went out with the hottest guy in school and so everyone is envious of you, including me,” she answered as a joke.

Ven pouted. It was her usual expression whenever she was frustrated or simply couldn’t understand what Eve was talking about.

Eve just laughed harder after seeing Ven’s reaction. Then she lovingly embraced her bestfriend. “Hey, don’t worry about it. The news will die out in a few days and everything will be back to normal. Just make sure to stay away from him for a couple of days, not until the issue has already died out, or else you guys would just be asking for more trouble.”

Ven felt irritated with her situation. “What on earth are those girls thinking? How can they even put me up on their hate list when I don’t even like the guy… and we certainly didn’t have a date. It was just an accident or a coincidence that we were in the same mall at the same time… There isn’t a law forbidding that right?” she asked with sarcasm,

Eve just shook her head and smiled. She knew her friend was really mad. But there was nothing they could do. Even if they try to explain to all the girls in their school, somehow it won’t make any difference.

They were all jealous of Ven and jealousy is one of the things that can’t easily be dealt with.

“Aaaahhhh!!!!” Ven screamed as she already had enough of everything that was going on. Almost all the girls in their school was making her life a living hell. Different accidents and embarrassments happened one after the other in just a span of four hours. “Okay, this is already very annoying. I don’t have any plans to make enemies in school, but if they don’t leave me alone, I will make sure that they would pay,” she added with such irritation.

“Uh-oh, calling all girls in school, please be careful while staying inside the school premises. Half-crazed and violent Venus already on the loose,” Jiajene said jokingly while having lunch with her sister and Eve,

Eve quickly laughed. “Hey Jiajene, be nice to your sister. She might suddenly add us up on her own hate list,” she added as a joke as well.

“Hey that’s unfair! Are you guys on my side or on theirs?” Ven asked with a hurt look on her face.

Jiajene laughed. “You know sis, I never imagined that you would actually be this popular in school. Imagine, being on top of the hate list of the girl’s population in our school is like being a celebrity. Everyone knows you, though it’s on a negative side though.”

Ven sighed. “Hmmm… gosh even you guys won’t stop making fun of me. Where do you think I can actually get some peace and quiet around here? Ever since this commotion about Junsu and I started, I haven’t had a single piece of privacy. Now I know how it feels like to be actually stalked and all your movements reported like you don’t have a life anymore.”

Eve shook her head. Somehow she pitied her friend. “Well, just for your information Ven dear, Junsu seems to be the only who isn’t affected at all. In fact, I think he’s actually enjoying the rumor that you guys are a couple.”

“Huh? Really? Now that is totally weird. How can he actually think that being linked up with me would be good for his reputation?” Ven asked curiously.

“Honestly sis, I don’t have the slightest idea what Junsu really saw in you that made him like you so much that he’s so nice to you,” Jiajene remarked.

“Ouch! Jiajene, that’s kinda harsh, don’t you think? How can you talk to your own sister like that?” Eve asked with a warning look on her face.

Jiajene immediately smiled sweetly. “Ooopss sorry, my uncontrollable tongue suddenly went loose again. Sorry Ven… didn’t mean to totally pull your spirit down,” she apologized with a grin on her face.

Eve shook her head in disapproval of what Jiajene just did. “You know, you’re lucky you’re Ven’s sister because if you were my sister, you wouldn’t even be able to grin like that after I am done with you,” she said with a hint of warning.

“Hmmm, why is it everyone is being so violent today?” a voice suddenly asked out loud.

Jiajene, Ven and Eve all looked at the direction where the voice came from. It was Yunho.

“Hi,” he greeted the girls with a smile.

“Oh brother, it’s you… I thought it was Junsu. I was going to ask him to clear everything out regarding Ven. So she can live in peace again. This issue regarding him and Ven is really getting out of hand,” Eve told her brother.

Yunho nodded. “I know. I just heard one of the senior girls in my class planning something bad. Good thing, Erin and I were able to convince them to just stay out of the issue. Imagine, a simple date would turn out this way,” he said as he slowly looked at Ven’s direction.

“It wasn’t a date!” Ven protested.

Jiajene laughed. “Oh yeah, it wasn’t a date. It was just the two of you watched a movie together and ate together and practically spent several hours together in the mall. Yes, that isn’t a date,” she uttered as a joke.

“Jiajene, if you don’t have anything good to say, then just zipper your mouth,” Eve said with irritation.

Ven felt like she was suffocating. All morning, it was all about arguments, troubles, problems, bickering and JUNSU. She slowly stood up. “I am going to the library. Maybe I can get some peace and quiet there. The people here in the canteen are all looking at me as if they want to slice me up into pieces.”

“Speaking of Junsu, I haven’t seen him today,” Yunho suddenly said.

“He came to class but was suddenly called to the office and he never came back. Maybe he already had an idea about what was going to happen. So he already decided not to continue with the class… Such a coward,” Eve commented.

Ven sighed. “Well it’s not his fault too. So we can’t blame him. It’s not his fault that he’s had the entire school admiring him. So if the girls in our school is angry with me because of him… well it’s the girls’ problem, not his,” she tried to defend the poor guy.

Eve couldn’t help but smile. “And I actually thought that you were mad with him. I guess I was wrong. You’re defending him, so that means… you do like him…” she said as a tease.

Ven quickly blushed. “Oh Eve, don’t start again. Someone might hear you.”

Jiajene and Eve both laughed at the same time. Somehow teasing Ven was so much fun and she was kinda cute in her own way.

While the three girls continued to talk, Yunho just silently observed and kept on staring at Ven, as if he wanted to ask something.


It was already the end of the last subject. Ven and Eve were the only ones left in the room.

“Ven, are you going to sleep here or something? Let’s go home already,” Eve complained.

“Let’s just stay here for another ten minutes okay. I don’t want to see the other girls in our class. I have a feeling they would surely be waiting for us outside the school, if we go out right now,” Ven replied as she continued to bury her face in the book she was reading.

Eve sighed. “You’re right. Hmm, I wish I had told Yunho to wait for us.”

Ven looked at her friend and smiled. “Hey, don’t worry. Those girls would surely be bored to death by now. I am guessing they are already leaving right at this moment. Don’t worry, we will be able to leave later on.”

Eve sighed and just nodded her head. She knew her friend was right. All she needed was to wait for a few minutes more…

Half an hour passed….

Eve and Ven were already walking out of the school gate when something caught their attention.

A group of girls were still waiting on a restaurant on the other side of the road facing the school’s gate.

“Ven,” Eve tugged at her friend’s blouse as if to warn her about what was waiting for them.

Ven quickly looked at the direction where Eve was staring at. And her heart was instantly flooded with fear. “Eeeehh?? They’re still here. God, they are really very serious huh?”

Eve suddenly held on to Ven’s arm. “What are we going to do now? Should I call Yunho to pick us up?” she asked with concern.

Ven was about answer when a car suddenly parked in front of them. Then the window of the front passenger seat suddenly rolled down and revealed a familiar face.

“Get in, we will bring you girls home today,” Erin said with a bright smile on her face.

Ven looked at Erin and then at the guy sitting on the back seat… It was Junsu.

“Ven, Eve… come on. Please let us drive you guys home today. It’s the least I can do for all the bad things that had happened to you… all because of me,” Junsu said with a low voice. It was obvious that he was very embarrassed and worried as well.

Ven then looked at Eve. She was somehow asking her, if they were going to accept Erin and Junsu’s invitation or not.

Without any hesitation, Eve suddenly opened the door of the car and pulled in Ven with her.

As the car drove away, the group of girls waiting for Ven were all left with their mouth wide open because of shock and disbelief… ‘So it was true, Ven and Junsu were really involved that even her sister is approved of it,’ they all thought.

“Waaaaaaaaaahhhh…..” a girl cried. “This can’t be. I was just beginning to plan on how to get close to him. And now… now…” then the girl cried again.

Some of the other girls followed. They all cried. They were so disappointed that their prince charming was now officially taken.


Erin looked at the top mirror inside the car. She then smiled and shook her head. Eve was sitting in the middle of Junsu and Ven. The atmosphere was filled with silence and it was obvious that they were all feeling very awkward. Somehow she wanted to laugh and make a joke about her brother and Ven, but she immediately stopped herself. She knew it was just going to make the atmosphere more tensed. She suddenly thought of something… something very, very nice for both Ven and his brother. A very naughty smile instantly appeared on her lips and then she quickly took out her phone and started to call someone… She knew both his brother and Ven would surely love her surprise.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:26 am

What the?!? I never expect this to happen.
Ahhhh... This is too short for me T.T
please update very soon??? *puppy eyes*
I super duper missed reading yor fanfics Ate Emer.
I can't read everything today, maybe tomorrow night after work, cause I'll be off the next day.
Please please update this fic soon~~~

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:57 am


“Here we are,” Erin announced with a wide grin on her face.

Ven and Eve slowly got out of the car and stared at the huge mansion that was standing before them.

“Where are we?” Ven asked curiously.

“This is our home… Welcome to the Kim residence,” Erin answered with a light laugh. She was totally amused with the way Ven and Eve’s mouths suddenly dropped open after hearing what she said.

“This is your house?” Ven asked again as if unable to believe.

Junsu who was just quietly watching suddenly stepped forward. “Yes, this is our new home. This is our fourth house actually. We also have one in Japan, in the US and in Switzerland. Our parents are always travelling so they usually just leave us alone in the house most of the time.”

“Gosh, your parents are really rich huh? Imagine to have such a big house and have other houses in other countries too is really…. wow!” Eve uttered in total amazement.

Erin smiled. “Well money isn’t everything dear. So even if we have lots of houses, it’s still empty… Just like what Junsu said, most of the time we are always alone and we just have each other to lean on. So I am very happy that Junsu finally made some good friends here. And as a sign of my gratitude to you girls for being friends with my ever troublesome brother, I am going to cook something delicious tonight.”

Ven looked nervously at Eve. Somehow she suddenly got worried. “Uhmm, it’s really not necessary Erin. And besides, my parents might not like it if I stay out too late. I didn’t even ask permission to go out tonight.”

Erin smiled. “Don’t worry. I will call my parents so that they can talk to your parents. If they don’t agree, well I can always take you guys home,” Erin said with a reassuring voice.

Eve quickly took hold of Ven’s arm and started to drag her into the house. “Come on. I wouldn’t want to miss out on Erin’s cooking. I am sure she’s a great cook.”

Erin quickly laughed. “And how did you come up with that conclusion?”

Eve smiled back. “Well, since you said that you guys are always left alone by your parents, then that means that most of the time you are the ones who cook your own food. Or I can also be wrong… since you can also have your very own cook and personal maids. Just like the ones we can see in TV. All the rich people have household help right?” she asked curiously.

The older woman laughed again. “Hmm you’re quite a thinker Eve… You’re so adorable. Anyway let’s all go in and let’s continue our chat inside while I cook our dinner.”


Several minutes later….

Ven and Eve were somehow feeling very awkward as they sat in the living room of the Kim mansion.

“I think we should go,” Ven softly whispered to her friend.

“Why? We just got here. And besides didn’t Erin said that she will take care of our parents? So just relax. It’s not like we’re doing something bad. We’re just going to have a very nice dinner with some very nice people. We’re not going to be hanged or anything. So stop worrying,” Eve whispered back.

Junsu who was sitting on the opposite side of the living room just looked at the two girls, quite puzzled. “Is there something wrong?” he asked.

“Ahh, nothing. Ven is just worried that her parents will get mad if we stay out too late. But don’t worry. This won’t be the first time that we went out without our parents’ permission,” Eve mischievously answered.

Junsu chuckled. “I guess we’re all the same then.”

“Oh no dear brother, they can never compare to you and your antics. Let’s just say they are on the 1 rating and you… you’re already on 10,” Erin suddenly said as she entered the room.

The younger girls both giggled which made Junsu suddenly blush. “Oh Erin, why do you always embarrass me that way?”

Erin quickly went to her brother’s side and playfully played with his hair. “Oh little brother, you do know how your sister just adores teasing you… It’s like my day isn’t complete when I don’t make you blush,” she said with a laugh.

Ven couldn’t help but smile. Somehow she was feeling envious. She was thinking that Junsu was very lucky that he had such a nice and caring big sister. Somehow deep inside, she was also wishing that she had a big sister too.

Erin then looked at the two girls and gave them a warm smile. “My parents already called. They said that they already talked to both of your parents and you’re both allowed to stay for dinner. After dinner, well… I am suppose to drive you guys home after an hour. Good thing, I already fixed the things I was going to cook this morning. And I was really planning to cook something special tonight… But I had no idea that we would be having guests… Talk about pure coincidence huh?” she said cheerfully.

“Yup, surprises are always happening by the minute. I never had imagined, not even in my wildest dreams that we would be able to go to such a beautiful house like this. This is my first time actually to see such a huge home. It’s like a castle or something,” Eve said with a sparkle of joy in her eyes.

Erin nodded. “Yes, this is also the reason why I asked my parents to buy this place. It’s so beautiful. Somehow I keep thinking I am just like a princess, waiting for her prince,” she added as her eyes also lit up with a different glow.

It was then Junsu’s laugh suddenly broke out which made Erin and Eve looked at him, as if asking what was wrong.

“What’s funny?” Erin asked as if irritated.

“You” he replied.

“Me? How come?” she asked again.

“Oh come on dear sister…. Princess? Prince? What are we living in? Are we in a fairytale?” he teased.

Erin immediately fumed. “Are you trying to make your life a living hell?”

Junsu suddenly stood up and started laughing again. He then raised up both his hands as if a sign of surrender. “Okay, okay…. I give up… I will stop now. I wouldn’t want to eat alone and I surely wouldn’t want to eat take out tonight.”

Eve tried to control her laughter. She was thinking that Junsu and Erin were totally funny. “Uhmm, maybe we can help in cooking Erin,” she then just uttered so to stop the two from arguing further.

“Ah yes, we can all go to the kitchen. You can all watch me cook… I always wanted to have an audience while cooking,” she replied back with a laugh.

“An audience? Now you want a cook show?” Junsu started to tease again.

“Kim Junsu, are you trying to start again?” Erin asked as if she was getting irritated again.

“Okay! I am going to stop. Just make sure you cook a very delicious meal for me tonight. I have been craving for a home-cooked food for the last few days,” he said as he quickly dragged her sister back into the kitchen.

“Come on Ven, Eve… let’s continue our conversation in the kitchen,” Erin said as she quickly signaled them to follow to the kitchen.


“This is so delicious!” Eve exclaimed as soon as she tasted the different foods arranged on the table. “Gosh, I really envy you Erin. I can only dream when it comes to cooking. You’re so good. Your husband to be would surely be a very lucky man…” she continued to praise Erin.

Erin quickly blushed. “Husband? Oh that’s really impossible…” she suddenly uttered.

Junsu laughed. “Yes, quite impossible. Considering you don’t even have one,” he then laughed again.

Erin quickly glared at her brother. “Stop it or else you will be finding yourself eating take outs for a whole month,” she warned.

Junsu instantly became serious. “Ouch, one month? That’s too much! That’s pure torture.”

“So stop provoking me,” she warned again.

This time, Junsu smiled sweetly at his sister. “Yes, madame,” he teased again.

Ven smiled. Somehow being with Erin and Junsu makes her smile a lot. They were so entertaining to watch, especially when she was somehow searching for a big sister to look up to.

Unexpectedly, Erin turned to face Ven with a very out of the blue question. “So Ven do you have any boyfriend? If you don’t, do you think my brother can apply?”

Both Ven and Junsu who just stuffed a spoonful of food into their mouths somehow were caught off guard by such a question that they both looked at Erin with wide open eyes.

Erin and Eve exchanged glances with one another before taking turns in looking at Ven and Junsu. The expressions on Ven and Junsu’s faces so funny that they couldn’t stop laughing afterwards.

“It seems you caught Ven in the right spot, Erin,” she said with a giggle.

Junsu tried to swallow the food that was stuck in his throat. He then quickly gulped down a whole glass of water before finally speaking.

“Erin, do you think it’s polite to ask such a question?” he asked out loud. He was so embarrassed with what his sister asked.

Ven who was totally shocked tried to take hold of the glass of water in front of her. But her hand was trembling so hard that it took her two hands to hold the glass and fully drink from it. After drinking, she breathed deeply. She was thinking that she needed to compose herself or else she might faint.

“Sorry, did I shock you? It’s just that I really think that you and my brother look good together. And since I know my brother is so slow when it comes to girls, I thought that maybe this time I can help him out,” Erin said openly.

Junsu felt like all the blood in his body suddenly dried out. He then felt like he wanted to just hide under the table until Ven and Eve went home. His sister was making him so flustered but he couldn’t stop her since he was afraid of her.

Ven again stared at Erin with eyes wide with shock. “Are… you serious?” she was able to mumble.

Erin immediately nodded. “I like you… I like you for my brother.”

Ven felt she was in a panic mode. “What is happening? This can’t be real,” she kept on repeating to herself.

Eve giggled. “Jackpot Ven! Say yes already.”

Ven felt like her whole world was spinning. Both Eve and Erin were somehow helping each other now.

“Look, you don’t really have to say yes immediately. I am just saying that if you would be considering him if you were looking for one. If not, then I guess it’s not his luck to have you. You don’t have to look so scared dear… I don’t bite, if you suddenly decide to say no.” she said with a laugh.

“Eeehhh?? Is she really kidding? I think she’s mad or something,” Ven was saying to herself.

And just when Erin had already decided to stop, it was then Eve decided to start playing again.

“Erin, Ven and I are going to a party next week. Do you think you can help us out?” Eve said sweetly.

“Sure, what kind of help dear?” Erin asked back.

“Well you see, we’re going there alone… I mean, me and her… no dates. Do you think you can find some suitable dates for us?” Eve asked naughtily.

An alarm just went on Ven’s head --- HELP!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:49 pm

Waaaahhh!! Thank you! Thank you!! For updating~~ I've been waiting for mOnths for this day to arrive, lol!
Anyway, I should say, bitin T.T
Nothing much happen here, but I lOve the part were Erin ask Ven if Junsu could apply for him to be her boyfriend if she is looking for one. I could really imagine the faces when you're describing it. Hahaha
Update soon ate Emer~~ I really miss reading fanfics, this is my first time this year. Thank you again for updating!

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:28 pm


Ven sighed as she continued to sip the juice that she just ordered. Her mind was flying off in another world as she continued to replay everything that happened yesterday.

“Earth calling Venus! Please respond. Kindly send yourself back to the ground missy.. or else you will surely regret it. You won’t be able to have a date with Junsu,” Eve said with a wide grin.

Ven quickly shook herself back into reality and gave her friend a warning look. “Don’t be so loud, Eve. People might hear you. I don’t want to have any more problems okay. If you keep saying those things, the girls that like him will surely come running after me again,” she said as she carefully looked around them. She was trying to see if anyone was listening to their conversation.

“Oh Ven, you’re becoming too paranoid. They aren’t listening to us. And besides I was just joking and I don’t think that you should be worried even if you and Junsu end up being together. It is really your luck to find the perfect soul mate and their loss to just stand around in a corner and watch while you and Junsu make beautiful music together,” Eve said teasingly.

Ven’s face quickly turned red with embarrassment. “Oh, stop it already Eve. And before I forget, why in heaven’s name did you tell Erin about the party? It was so embarrassing really…”

Eve laughed. “Well I wanted to give you a chance to be with Junsu, just like in a real date. Don’t you like it? It’s kinda, hmmm… so romantic that way,” she said again with a giggle.

Ven sighed and just lowered her head. “It’s so humiliating. Imagine….”

“Ssssshhhh….” Eve suddenly signaled her to stop talking.

Ven quickly turned to look at the direction where Eve was staring. Just a few meters away a very familiar figure was approaching them.

“Hi girls,” Erin said with a very cheerful smile.

“Hi,” both Ven and Eve greeted back.

Ven couldn’t stop staring at Erin. She was so beautiful and her smile was so captivating and so similar to Junsu’s smile too. She couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have such a kind and beautiful sister in the house.

“Ven?... Ven?” Eve suddenly tapped her friend’s shoulder to make her snap out of her daydreaming.

Erin couldn’t help but smile. “You’re so cute Ven… I wish I had a sister like you,” she suddenly said as she pinched Ven’s cheek.

Ven suddenly blinked her eyes more than twice as if trying to replay what she just heard and what just happened. “Eh? You want a sister like me? Are you sure? You wouldn’t want someone like me. I am a nobody. I don’t have any special talent nor do I have good looks to even make up for my clumsiness,” she said as she sighed and sipped the juice she was holding.

Erin lightly laughed, then she sat down on the seat in front of the two girls “Whoever said that looks or talents matter when it comes to sisters or brothers? You know you’re lucky for everything you have. So don’t you ever say that you don’t have any talent or good looks, because in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is your character, if you’re good or bad. Yes, I am already lucky with having Junsu. Even though he’s quite naughty and very noisy sometimes, he’s such a sweet person. And as for you, Ven… I just find you to be so sweet too. Quiet, nice and sweet… The perfect match for my Junsu,” she said with a smile again.

Ven felt like something got stuck in her throat so she suddenly coughed after hearing what Erin said. “Eh? Perfect match for your brother? Are you sure?” She then shook her head as if trying to wake herself up. “Am I dreaming? You’re making me laugh aren’t you?” she asked again, still not believing what Erin said.

Erin laughed again. “God, you’re so cute! What’s so impossible about what I just said? Hmmmm… honestly the very first time I saw you with Junsu. I already thought that the two of you look good together. And when I met you, it was then my first impression was finally confirmed. You are truly so perfect with my brother.”

Eve laughed and started clapping her hands in joy. “See, I told you I was right. You and Junsu are perfect together. See… I am not the only one thinking that way,” she said in a loud voice.

Ven quickly stood up and covered her friend’s mouth with her hand. “Eve, can you please keep it down? I don’t want any trouble okay? I don’t want to be chased again by a mob of angry girls… so please,” she begged.

Eve still managed to giggle even if her mouth was covered. She then nodded in agreement.

Ven sat down again and faced Erin with a smile. “Thank you for thinking that way. But I really don’t think that your brother fits me. We’re two different people from two different worlds,” she uttered.

“Wow! We’re two different people from two different worlds…. What a drama! Don’t you think that kind of line has already been used too many times? Can you select a new line instead? Something more dramatic like… We don’t belong in each other’s arms… something like that,” Eve suddenly said as she interrupted Ven.

Erin suddenly started laughing. “Oh! You girls are so hilarious…” she tried to utter in between laughs.

Ven couldn’t help but feel like she was becoming smaller and smaller by the minute. “Oh,” was the only thing she could utter as she lowered her head and rested it down on the table in front of her. “I think I am going to have a headache…” she started to think.


A few days later…

Erin was busy shopping in a mall near their home when she unexpectedly dropped one of the bags she was carrying. “Oh,” she uttered as she struggled to get a hold of all the plastic bags she was holding in one hand and the large box on the other hand. “I knew I made a mistake when I told the driver to just wait for me outside,” she quickly muttered to herself.

She was about to get the plastic bag that she dropped when an unexpected savior suddenly helped her.

“Here… let me help you,” the man quickly took the bag on the floor and also took some of the bags she was holding.

Erin looked at the man standing in front of her. She couldn’t help but admire the strong yet delicate features of the man’s face.

The man then smiled at Erin that made her heart quickly skip a beat. “Are you finished shopping? Would you like me to accompany you, so you don’t need to carry all these things by yourself,” he continued to say.

Erin who was still left mesmerized by the man in front of her couldn’t do anything else but nod her head.

“So where do you plan to go next? Or maybe you’re going home now?” the man asked again. “I can drive you home, if you like,” he added.

Erin smiled. “Thank you… but I…” she was about to say that her driver was already waiting for her outside the mall. “Hmmm…. Would you like to have a drink first? I mean I want to treat you for being so nice to me and for helping me out,” she was finally able to say.

The man smiled and then nodded. “Sure,” he answered.


Half an hour later, they were inside one of the famous restaurants inside the mall.

“Are we waiting for someone?” the man asked Erin. He had already noticed that Erin kept on looking at her watch while looking at the direction of the door of the restaurant.

Erin looked at the man and smiled. “Yes, we had an agreement to meet here. I know you’re going to be surprised with who you’re going to see…”

The man quickly raised his eyebrow. “Really? Now I am suddenly curious,” he said with a light laugh.

A few minutes passed and…

“They’re here,” Erin announced happily.

The man quickly looked at the direction where Erin was looking at.

“Eh? Yunho… what are you doing here?” Eve asked curiously. She then looked back at Erin as if asking the same question.

Erin laughed. “We met while I was shopping and waiting for you guys… Anyway he helped me with the bags I was carrying so I suggested that we have a drink here. It’s kinda my treat since he helped me and all…”

“Ahhh I see,” Eve uttered with a nod. “Well we’re finished with shopping too,” she said with a happy tone. “Hey Ven, come on… Sit…”

Ven quickly sat down beside Yunho and continued to tug at her short dress as if trying to make it longer. It was quite obvious that she was feeling very uncomfortable because of the dress she was wearing.

“Hey brother, what can you say about Ven’s new look? Erin and I chose her new haircut and we also bought that new dress for her… and with matching bag and shoes too. We’re going on a date in a few days so we need to look our best,” Eve said with a big grin on her face.

Yunho gave Ven another look and tried to put on a smile. “It’s nice…” he said with a tone that was suggesting the opposite of what he said.

“Eh? Why use that kind of voice? You don’t like it?” Eve asked curiously.

Yunho just shook his head. “I really don’t have right to judge what she wants to wear or do… do I? So why do you even ask me?” he asked with irritation.

Surprised with her brother’s reaction, Eve suddenly became silent. Erin who was just observing everything quickly noticed the strange way that Yunho was acting. And she also couldn’t help but notice the sudden flare of anger in Yunho’s eyes when he heard that Eve and Ven were going on a date. She could sense that there was a specific reason behind Yunho’s sudden change in character. ‘Hmmm… could it be that he’s angry because his sister is going on a date?’ she asked herself.

Erin again looked at Yunho and then she again noticed something. After Yunho took a glance at Ven, his expression changed again. It was the expression of … a jealous man. ‘Could it be possible that Yunho is… in love with Ven?’ the question started to echo in her mind.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:29 pm


Ven tossed and turned in her bed while trying to make herself fall asleep. Tomorrow was the day that she feared. Tomorrow she was going on a date with the mysterious person that Erin arranged for her. Eve was already very excited while she was totally scared out of her mind. She couldn’t even sleep for three days already.

She quickly got up and walked out of her room. She was alone again. Jiajene was staying at a classmate’s house since they had a project they needed to do. And their parents were at a friend’s birthday party. She then glanced at the wall clock in the center of the living room. It was already 10 in the evening.

She was feeling uneasy and somehow she felt like she needed some fresh air. “Just a quick trip to the store might do the trick. I’ll just walk and take my time in walking. Maybe when I get back, I can finally fall asleep,” she said out loud as if she was talking to someone. She quickly shook her head after realizing that she was talking to herself again. “I am really going crazy,” she uttered with a sigh.

Just ten minutes passed and Ven was already walking to the nearest convenience store.

“Hmmm, what should I buy when I get to the store?” she then started to ask herself. ‘But what will I do if I still can’t sleep when I go back? I look like a zombie already. My eyes are already having black circles around them. What will my date say if he sees me looking so ugly?... Wait, date? Date? I can’t go on a date looking like this. Maybe I can just say that I am sick and I can’t go. Maybe… maybe I can just…’ Ven’s mind started to get crowded with so many ideas that her head started to ache. She suddenly stopped walking and started to massage her head. “Oohh, my head,” she uttered in pain.

And out of nowhere, someone suddenly placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to a corner. “Are you okay? Are you in pain?” the man asked with concern.

Ven blinked her eyes twice and tried to think. ‘Am I hallucinating?’ she asked herself.

“Are you all right? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?” the man asked again. He then carefully touched Ven’s cheeks and her forehead as if to check her temperature.

“Yunho? No… I’m okay. Just a little headache, that’s all.” Ven was finally able to utter. “By the way, what are you doing here?” she asked, quite surprised.

Yunho’s expression became more serious. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that question? It’s late already and you’re still out? Shouldn’t you be at home and resting? You know it’s not safe to be outside at this time, especially when you’re alone.”

Ven sighed. “Exactly! I was all alone at home and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable so I decided to go to the store. I was planning to just buy something then go straight back home,” she tried to explain.

Yunho shook his head in disapproval. “You should have stayed at home. It’s obvious that you’re really just trying to pass the time. And if I’m not mistaken, maybe it’s just because of your date… tomorrow,” he said with a changed tone of voice.

Ven stared at Yunho’s face and she immediately saw the change in his expression after mentioning her date the next day. ‘Strange,’ she thought to herself. ‘Why is Yunho acting so strange all of a sudden?’ she started asking herself again.

“Are you all right now? Is your head still hurting?” he asked.

Ven shook her head as an answer.

“Come on, I’ll take you home,” Yunho tried to change the topic all of sudden after noticing that Ven was looking at him seriously as if analyzing his actions.

Ven tried to put on a smile. “Eh, how about we just continue going to the store first? I really want to get an ice cream right now,” she tried to lie. She didn’t really want to go home just yet.

Yunho looked at her with a questioning stare as if he already knew what she was thinking. But just after a few seconds, he finally nodded his head in agreement. “Fine, I need to get something too. But after that, you need to go home right away… is that understood?” he said with an authoritative voice.

Ven nodded obediently. “Yes, big brother,” she said sweetly.

Yunho’s eyes instantly landed back on Ven after hearing her last two words. “Big brother?” he couldn’t help but utter the words back.

Ven again smiled sweetly. She was just being nice to him and didn’t really have any other meaning to her words. Yunho tried to brush away the ache he was feeling. “Come on. It’s getting late,” he tried to act normal again. Ven quickly followed while smiling happily. She was glad that at least she had someone to accompany her to the store. She wasn’t alone anymore.


“Go in. And don’t forget to lock your door,” Yunho reminded Ven.

Ven looked back at the door of their house and then at Yunho. She didn’t want him to go. She didn’t want to be alone. She needed someone to talk to right at that moment. “Uhmm, can… can you stay for a few more minutes… or maybe until my parents arrive? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But I don’t want to be alone right now,” she finally confessed.

Yunho stared at Ven and somehow an unknown force tugged at his heart and forced him to stay. He slowly nodded his head. “All right, I guess I can stay until your parents arrive. But I am not going in, okay? We can just sit here on the porch while we wait. I don’t want your parents to think that I am taking advantage of you since you’re all alone.”

Ven suddenly laughed. “You? Take advantage of me? You’re like my big brother. And besides mother and father know you, you’re always welcome here… you know that.”

“But still I really don’t like being inside your house especially when it is just the two of us,” Yunho continued. He then slowly sat down on the bench near the front door.

“Fine. Then let’s just sit here and look at the sky. We can try to count the stars too,” Ven teased. She then sat down beside Yunho.

Yunho couldn’t help but laugh at Ven’s joke. “Yes, we can count the stars but it would take us forever before we could ever finish.”

Ven unexpectedly became serious. “Forever? Is there really such a word? Sometimes it’s foolish to even use that word. Sometimes I think forever means no start and no ending. So basically it’s just pointless. You can never get anywhere…”

Yunho glanced at Ven. “Is something bothering you? You know, you can always talk to me, if you like. I am always willing to listen,” he said with concern.

Ven lowered her head and sighed. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s just because I feel lonely most of the time. And because… I am afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” he asked curiously.

“I… I haven’t been on a date with a guy before. I am afraid of what he will say and what his reaction will be when he sees me. I know I am not pretty and I don’t have any special qualities that guys will find interesting. Sometimes I really envy Eve because she’s so pretty and smart. While I… I am really nothing compared to her… or compared to any girl,” Ven answered with a low voice. She felt totally down and was lacking self-esteem.

Yunho suddenly stood up. “Come on… stand up,” he then made Ven stand up to face him.

Ven was suddenly confused. “Why?” she asked while standing face to face with Yunho. Her heart suddenly started to beat wildly as she stood so close to her so-called big brother.

Yunho suddenly cupped Ven’s face in his hands. “Don’t you ever say that you’re nothing compared to other girls, because you’re wrong, totally wrong. You’re a very special girl and any man would be lucky to have you in his life. You have special qualities that can captivate a man’s heart instantly. You need to have faith in yourself Ven. I don’t like seeing you so down. If the person you’re going to meet tomorrow doesn’t like you, then just let it be. It’s his lost, not yours. You should always tell yourself that you are special, because that’s what you are to everyone who loves you especially… me.”

Surprised with what she heard, Ven suddenly looked straight at Yunho. And it was then that their eyes met… and a long hidden secret was finally revealed.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:08 pm

I finally found some time to read a fanfic. It's been soooo long since the last time I read one. I miss reading your fanfics ate Emer. Sorry, I couldn't come here in the forum like before.

Anyway, I really love the last sentence there...

'And it was then that their eyes met… and a long hidden secret was finally revealed.'

long hidden secret was finally revealed... waaahh~ so romantic

nOw AnD fOrEvEr.

thRougH thE stoRm.....
yoU do noT wAlk aloNe.

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PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:17 am

            As Ven slowly opened her eyes, a thought quickly crept into her mind. “Was it a dream? Was it real? Why did Yunho say those things to me last night? What did he mean? I, I really can’t understand what’s going on…” she then closed her eyes again tried to erase all the things in her mind.
            “Ven, you’re going on a date today so clear your mind okay? Think straight and don’t think about Yunho. It’s just a mistake. Maybe he was drunk last night… maybe… maybe. But he said that I am special to everyone who loves me, especially him. Does that mean he loves me as… or that does mean that he was just referring to sister-brother love that we have?” she then let out a long and deep sigh. “Aaaahhhh~ I am going crazy…” she shouted as she started pulling on her hair as if to wake herself up.
            “Hey, what are you doing? Are you losing your mind now?” Jiajene suddenly appeared and asked teasingly.
            Ven looked at her sister and sighed again. “Jiajene, I think I am going to lose my mind just thinking about everything,” she cried out.
            Jiajene immediately smiled and shook her head in disbelief. “Are you really my sister? You know, your problem is quite easy… if you’re going to lose your mind just thinking about everything…. then don’t think at all. Just forget all the things that are bothering you and just deal with what you have to do now. It’s that simple.”
            Ven stared at the younger with a wide smile on her face. “Jiajene! You’re a genius,” she screamed in total joy. “You’re right. I shouldn’t think about things until I can clear everything. I will just concentrate…on…” she started to feel her heart beat become faster after suddenly realizing that in just an hour, she was going on a date with an unknown guy.
            Jiajene somehow sensing her sister’s confusion suddenly decided to change the mood. She quickly grabbed a small pillow near her and threw it straight at Ven’s face.
            “Hey, why did you throw that?” Ven asked angrily.
            “Wake up sleeping princess. Stop daydreaming already. Eve will be here in a few minutes. She already called and asked me to wake you up already. She said that she’s going to do your hair and your make-up so that you’ll become pretty. As if make-up and a good hairstyle can do anything to improve your looks,” Jiajene answered while laughing continuously.
              Nervousness quickly entered Ven’s heart. “Do you think Eve will let me off if I suddenly cancel for today?” she suddenly asked her sister.
              Jiajene smiled and shook her head. “Good luck. If you do that, then be prepared to lose you buddy. You know very well that she has a temper. You already agreed. So if you’re really not that sure about it, then you should have something from the very start.”
              Ven lowered her head in defeat. “I guess there’s really no other way huh?”
            “Just enjoy your date and tell me about it okay?” Jiajene said with a big grin on her face. “Aahhh, don’t forget to snap a picture of your date okay? Who knows maybe it will be your very first and last one,” she again said while laughing continuously.
            An hour later, in a restaurant …
            Ven quietly sipped on the juice that she ordered while trying to control her nervousness. “What time are they supposed to come?” she asked Eve.
            “They will be here… just be patient okay?  We haven’t even waited for 10 minutes yet. And besides we arrived early. We were supposed to meet them at 11am. It’s just passed 10,” Eve answered with a calm expression on her face.
            Just a few minutes passed….
            “Sorry I am late… But I had to pick up something first,” a familiar voice suddenly uttered as he sat down in front of Ven. “Hi,” he greeted the girl facing him with a warm smile.
            Ven almost choked on the last sip of juice that she made before the man appeared. “Junsu, what are you… doing here?” she managed to utter.
            Junsu couldn’t help but smile. “I’m your date,” he answered straight while waiting for Ven’s reaction.

            “WHAT??? You’re kidding me right?” Ven asked with a trembling voice.
            Junsu just shook his head. “Nope, you can ask Eve.”
            Immediately Ven glared at Eve. “Tell me you’re all joking right? Are you trying to kill me? You already know that all the girls in school are already targeting me because they think I have a special relationship with Junsu… And now you’ve arranged a date for the two of us? I honestly don’t have any intention of being a punching bag or a rag doll before this date is over.”
            Junsu couldn’t help but let out a light laugh. “Don’t you think everything you’re saying is a bit too much? First, I think it’s okay to go on a date since we can always hide and second, why do you need to bother yourself with what others will be saying or thinking? I think what is important is us. If we actually enjoy this date and make the most of our time together, don’t you think so?”
            Ven felt like she would be disappearing any minute. She was very embarrassed that she wanted to just stand up and walk away and forget that the scene just happened. “I, I didn’t mean to sound negative or something. It’s just that…”
            Junsu smiled sweetly. “Let’s just enjoy our day together okay? I already arranged everything. So please stop worrying. Relax and let yourself have some fun.”
            Eve nodded in agreement. “Ven, this is a date. We’re here to have a fun day with them so please loosen up, okay?”
            “But…” Ven wanted to say something when…
            “Hi~” Erin somehow just appeared out of nowhere and sat down beside Junsu. “I hope I am not interrupting but I heard that you guys are on a date. Can I join you?”
            Junsu’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Erin! What are you doing? What do you mean you want to join us? Don’t tell me you’re going to tag along on our date?” his voice somehow reached a higher pitch that made Erin laugh out loud. Junsu frowned and shook his head in disapproval of his sister’s action.
            After a few minutes, Erin finally managed to control herself. “Sorry. Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. This is the first time that I am seeing my brother so serious with dating a girl.”
            Ven and Junsu quickly their cheeks become hot with embarrassment. Eve started to giggle and nod.
            “Aaah I see, well it’s okay. This is the first that Ven is also very nervous about a date. Well this is her very first date…” Eve said.
            “Eve, stop please,” Ven somehow signaled her friend to stop revealing her secrets.
            “Junsu, here…” Erin gave her brother a set of keys and a small envelope.
            “And these are?” Junsu asked curiously.
            “Just read the letter okay and stop asking questions. Go… Time is passing by while you’re just sitting there. Have fun okay? Take care of Ven,” Erin said with a very meaningful smile.
            Junsu tilted his head on one side while wondering what is going on. “Okay, well we’re going then. Ven, are you ready?”
            “Eh? You mean we’re going on a date, just the two of us? What about Eve?” Ven asked nervously. Somehow her face had become pale and cold sweat was becoming more obvious.
            Junsu laughed. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite…. I just kiss…” and with those he started laughing hard.
            Ven become more conscious and looked at Eve as if asking for help.
            “Sorry, I have a date. So you need to go on your date as well…” Eve said with a wide grin.
            “Date? Where?” Ven asked while looking around the place.
            “Here,” Erin raised her right hand. “I’m her date. We’re going on a shopping spree.”
            Ven felt her eyes were blurring with tears. “So you mean the two of you set me up?”
            Eve and Erin both nodded in unison. “Sorry dear, but I do hope that you can forgive us. Someday I know you will thank us too. So off you go and have fun,” Erin uttered apologetically.
            Junsu slowly took Ven’s hand. “Come on, we have lots of things to do today…. I promise you this will be a very memorable day… for the two of us.”
            As Junsu and Ven walked away, Erin just stared and gave a light laugh. She then took her drink and had a toast with Eve. “To Junsu and Ven’s happiness…” they both cheered.
            In a hidden part of the restaurant, someone was silently watching what was happening. As Junsu held Ven’s hand, his heart started aching… “Ven, if only you would also look at me…”

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Admin - Emerheliena

PostSubject: Re: [REQ. FANFIC] THE ONE WHO HOLDS MY HEART (CHAPTERED FIC) (ON-GOING)   Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:13 pm


                “Do you like it?” Junsu asked with a bright smile on his lips.
                Ven slowly breathe in and tried to compose herself before nodding. “It’s… it’s really beautiful,” she replied with a timid smile.
                The place where Junsu brought her was truly one of a kind. It was a restaurant in the middle of a very beautiful garden with a pond where she could see swans swimming happily. “Eh? Are those swans? Wow…. I’ve never seen a real swan before… Come on, let’s take a closer look,” she exclaimed and unexpectedly she took Junsu’s hand as if to lead him to the place where the swans were. But as soon as she touched his hand, she quickly realized what she had done and immediately backed away as if in shock.
                “Hey, don’t tell me you’re feeling shy with me all of a sudden,” Junsu said with a laugh. “Don’t think of this as a date, but more of a get-to-know each other party,” he again said cheerfully. He somehow wanted to help Ven by changing the strange atmosphere between them.
                “Get-to-know each other party?” Ven couldn’t help but ask.
                Junsu nodded. “Truthfully I really want to get to know you… much, much better than before. I know that it may sound very awkward but… can you give me a chance to show you who I really am? I want you to get to know the real me. I know I’m a bit too playful and you might not trust me that much but I want you to believe in me. I want to show you that I can be serious too, if I need to.”
                Ven couldn’t help but stare deep into Junsu’s eyes. She could easily tell that he was telling the truth. And somehow this was making her heart beat so fast that it was making her a bit scared. She suddenly turned away and tried to look at something else. “This restaurant is really nice, Junsu. I’m sure they also have delicious foods as well. How about we eat? I’m starving,” she tried to change the conversation.
                Junsu quickly noticed what Ven was trying to do so he just smiled and allowed her to do what she wanted. “Yes, this place is really quite rare plus the person who owns this place is also a very good cook,” he answered.
                “I never imagined that there is a place like this here,” Ven added after taking a look around the place. She was so pre-occupied with looking at her surrounding that she didn’t notice Junsu was standing so close to her. It was already too late… when she finally made a turn to the left, she immediately bumped into Junsu. Instantly she lost her balance and was about to fall backwards, good thing that he was able to grab her and pull her straight into his arms.
                At that exact moment, everything stopped for both Ven and Junsu. Somehow Ven felt like running away and hiding far, far away. She couldn’t explain her feelings. She was feeling nervoux, scared and embarrassed… and there is that one unknown feeling that she couldn’t really understand.  “Could it be?.... Could I be falling for him?” she started to ask herself silently.
                Junsu just smiled and continued to hold on to Ven. “Can I hold you forever?” he suddenly asked with a very hypnotizing smile on his lips.
                Ven’s heart started to beat wildly. “Ahh… I… I… “ somehow she was lost for words. Slowly she could feel that her face was burning.
                Junsu lightly laughed. “You know, you’re more beautiful when you’re blushing,” he then commented.
                Ven felt like she was shaking so she immediately straightened herself and moved away from Junsu’s embrace. “Ahhh thanks for your help. It would have been totally embarrassing if I fell right?” she then asked with a light laugh. She was somehow trying to change the flow of their conversation.
                Junsu nodded. “Can I ask you a favor?” he suddenly asked.
                Ven looked at Junsu with a confused look on her face. “Eh? What kind of favor?” she asked curiously.
                “Can we go back to how we treated each other before this date thing started? Because honestly I can sense that you’re starting to feel awkward whenever I’m around. And how can we know each other much better if you’re avoiding me?” Junsu said with a serious look on his face.
                Ven quickly lowered her head and with a low voice said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel like I’m avoiding you or something. It’s just that, I kinda feel weird. I hope you’re not offended or anything. I, I really don’t know how to handle things like these. I… I’m really sorry.”
                Junsu sighed and then just smiled. “Okay this is getting too serious. I’m sorry too if I’m making you feel uncomfortable in any way. Let’s pretend okay? We’re friends and we’re here to have fun… is that okay with you?”
                Ven nodded. She tried to clear her mind and straighten her emotions before she finally spoke. “Well… what are we waiting for? I’m starving,” she said with a smile.
                “Good, I’m starving too… So how about we order everything on the menu? I want to try everything? Are you game?” Junsu asked cheerfully.
                “Eh? Everything?” Ven then laughed and nodded again. “I really didn’t have any appetite since yesterday since I was so nervous. So be prepared… I’m going to eat a lot today,” she said jokingly.
                Junsu laughed out loud. “We’re the same. I also couldn’t eat properly since yesterday and today… So let’s make up on our diet okay? Let’s taste everything on the menu,” he said with grin.
                At that exact time…. At Eve and Yunho’s home….
                “What are you doing right now?” Yunho asked while staring at the sky. “If I could only show you how much you mean to me…I would gladly trade everything I have now just to have you by my side. But then….” Slowly he sighed and just lowered his head in defeat. He couldn’t accept the fact that Ven was with another man. While she was having fun, he was sitting alone and trying to erase the pain he was feeling.
                “Brother? What’s wrong?” Eve asked with concern. She has never seen her brother so down.
                Yunho tried to put on a fake smile. “Nothing. I guess I’m just feeling a bit dramatic all of a sudden,” he tried to joke around.
                Eve stared closely at her brother. “You do know that I can tell when something’s wrong. You’re like an open book when you have a problem. So tell me…. what’s wrong? I’m your sister, so you can surely tell me,” she said with concern.
                Yunho chuckled. “My little sister is on a lecture mode again,” he tried to laugh.
                “Even if you laugh a thousand times, it won’t fool me. What’s bothering you?” Eve replied seriously.
                Yunho looked away and tried to think of something to say to make his sister leave him alone. “I really don’t have anything going on Eve… I just need some time alone. You know it’s a man thing. Just like when you girls have your girl thing every month,” he tried to make a joke again.
                Eve shook her head in disapproval. “You do know that you suck when it comes to making jokes, especially when you’re depressed. I’m just concerned about you brother. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
                “It’s nothing… really,” Yunho tried to assure his sister. “I just remembered something…”
                “What?” Eve asked curiously.
                “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be on a date with Ven?” Yunho asked with a serious expression on his face.
                “Eh? Oh…. Well Erin and I already finished our shopping so I just decided to go home. As for Ven, well… she’s still on a date with Junsu,” Eve answered with a wide grin on her face.
                “WHAT? You mean you left Ven with that guy? How could you be so careless? Where did they go? Do you know? I’m going to pick her up,” Yunho asked angrily.
                Eve looked at her brother’s reaction. Somehow she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Hey, hold on… It’s just a date. And besides it’s Junsu, for Christ’s sake. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly. So basically he’s harmless,” she commented.
                “No man is harmless, remember that,” Yunho remarked sarcastically.
                “Eh? Wait a minute, I smell something fishy. Don’t tell me you’re affected? Are you by any chance…. Jealous? Don’t tell me you like Ven? Are you serious?” Eve continuously bombarded her brother with questions.
                Panic quickly registered on Yunho’s face. “Me? Jealous? Hell, no! I’m just concerned. She’s like a little sister to me, just like the way you are to me,” he lied.
                Eve sighed and somehow relaxed. “Oh, I see. And I actually thought you had a crush on Ven. Well, she’s safe so don’t worry about it. I believe she’s having a great time right now.”
                Yunho’s face became tensed. “Great time? Really? I just hope he knows how to behave properly or else I’ll be rearranging his face.”
                Eve stared at her brother again.  She was somehow analyzing his reaction. She knew that something wasn’t right. But she just stayed silent and decided to pretend that she wasn’t noticing his brother’s strange reaction.
                “Look, if something’s wrong, then Ven should have called me up right now. So don’t worry, she’s okay. I know Junsu is a perfect gentleman,” she again reassured her brother, who just kept silent.
                “Something’s not right. I think I need to be more attentive starting today,” Eve thought silently.
                The next day……
                “How was it? How’s your date? You came home quite late last night,” Erin asked her brother excitedly.
                “It was heavenly,” Junsu replied with a very bright smile on his lips.
                “Eh, heavenly? Hmmmm that kinda sounds suspicious. By any chance, you didn’t do anything funny right?,” she asked with a light laugh
                Junsu looked at his sister. “Me? Do something funny? I’m not bad …. yet…” he then laughed. Then his expression changed. “Erin, is it okay if I become serious with Ven?” he asked.
                Erin grinned. “Yes, of course. As long as you’re happy, I will surely support you 100% percent. Besides I think Ven is a very nice girl. So go… court her. Just make sure you don’t make her cry okay? I know you’re a bit playful and a total playboy sometimes so if you’re planning to be serious with her. Make sure to tidy up all your loose ends first. I don’t want to hear that you’re still seeing those other girls that you used to go out with after you’ve started courting Ven. Do you understand?” she said with a serious tone.
                Junsu nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”
                School time….
Ven and Eve were busy chatting with each other when they suddenly noticed that almost all the girls that they pass by were also busy looking at them. Somehow this made them so uncomfortable and curious.
“What do you think happened? Why are they looking at us?” Ven asked her friend.
Eve just shrugged and laughed. “Don’t know and I really don’t care. Maybe they are jealous of our beauties,” she answered jokingly.
Ven just shook her head and smiled. But somehow she could sense that something was terribly wrong and this made her very scared.

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